Challenges When Working from Home With a Baby

Admit it, as a mom the though of working from home has crossed your mind. Once or twice maybe? There are so many women that I have met that has thought of it, so have I. The idea of getting ready to not leave the house is such a tease. It could be such a hassle sometimes to get everyone up, ready and out.

Working from home with our children means a lot to us. We wouldn’t have to miss every milestone. Watching our babies grow up before our eyes is so fulfilling. Don’t have to get a call from the babysitter saying our little on is sick or they need to go to the ER without us. Just go to the next room and take care of them.

These are frequent challenges when working from home with babies or toddlers

  • Time Management
  • Focus
  • Baby or toddler needing your attention

Time Management


Baby/Toddler Needing your Attention


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A mom and wife who love to write poetry and empower women. Working in the financial field as a licensed Life Insurance Agent and a licensing coach. Thank you for visiting our website 😊

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