8 Benefits of having a To-Do list

There were certain things that I kept forgetting to do like drink my vitamins! Setting alarms was not helping me because I drink them after a meal, and I do not have meals at the same time every day. So, I started thinking of other ways that would help me remember and get tasks done and I remembered to-do lists. I have used them before plenty of times and it has helped me every time. For some reason I stopped but I started using it again and I do not regret it!

I started thinking of other ways that would help me remember and get tasks done and I remembered to-do lists.

My To-Do list is helping me be extremely productive. I get to complete tasks but also do it at my own timing instead of doing them at a specific time. Truth is every day for me is different and I have a toddler who takes up a lot of my time. Doing certain things every day at the same time was not realistic for me and I would miss things and it would stress me out a little bit. Making a list on the other hand and accomplishing the tasks little by little on my list was an easier option for me. Checking off the items as I complete them is super motivating and makes me feel super productive. The cool thing about to-do lists is that you can prioritize and if for whatever reason you cannot complete the smaller tasks that day you can always roll them over to the next day and not feel guilty because you already took care of the most important tasks of your list.

My To-Do list is helping me be extremely productive.

  • It allows you to create order and organize. Know what you need to tackle down for the day.
  • It helps you prioritize. Since you have all the tasks in front of you, it is easier to see which ones are more important and need to be done first.
  • Writing it down helps you getting it done because you hold yourself accountable.
  • It gives you motivation. Checking off the tasks after completion makes you feel productive.
  • If you finish all of them on time, you can maybe tackle extra stuff you had for the following day or you can roll over whichever ones you were not able to complete that day to the next day.
  • Less Stress! When you see a task get checked and you feel productive you also feel more relaxed because you got stuff done. After it is accomplished you deserve a nice break! (Pampering yourself should be in your list!).
  • Memory! Writing it down helps you not forget the tasks you must do for the day. I have had so many things to do in one day and because I did not write it down, I forgot a lot of it, got overwhelmed and barely did anything on those days.
  • It helps you track progress. If you are like me who loves checking her progress all the time, lists are also helpful. You can see if you are being as productive as you want, you can see which things you are doing easier or which tasks you are not doing.

There are plenty of apps you can use, you can also do it on a notepad or your planner.

I personally use the “Reminder” app on my iPhone, and I have no issues with it. You can flag tasks, make some tasks daily tasks, schedule tasks, it is easy to roll over and you can set priorities.

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