Income Worthy Hobbies/Talents

Sometimes people get frustrated with their job. It could be for a number of reasons why that happens, but it is usually because it’s not their passion. When you find a way to earn income from your hobby or talent you can slowly work your way out of your frustrating situation.

In this blog post we’ll talk about:

  1. What are hobbies/ talents and choosing the right one for you
  2. What to do before earning income and as you develop
  3. Types of Hobbies/talents


What are they?

Hobbies – activities or interests that you take part in as an aid for relaxation on your free time.

Talents – skills that you possess and you can utilize as a hobby.

Choosing the Right Hobby/Talent for you

It’s great when you know exactly what you love and it just comes naturally. The main thing is that you’re happy doing it. While that is great, we have to be honest with ourselves on how talented or skillful we are in relation to our hobby.

Take a moment to sit and evaluate how good you are. Practice, practice and practice some more if that is what you think you need. Make sure that you are confident in whatever you produce. If you have more than one hobby, choose the one that you enjoy the most.

If you are struggling with what you might be good at you can:

  • Think about if you had a past hobby that you might have forgotten
  • Try out some ideas to see which best fits you
  • Think about what activity makes you forget about stress
  • Think about what makes you happy
  • Ask a family member or friend what skill they see you have potential in

What to do Before Earning Income

After confirming your choice of hobby/skill you will have some other things to do before you can actually earn income. Some of these things can vary based on your hobby/skill. Choosing the right hobby is the number one thing you will have to do.

Other things that you might have to do before earning income are:

  • Figuring out if you will be providing a product or service.
  • Choose a target market
  • Decide on platforms/methods of providing this product or service. (Example: online such as apps & creating a website or having a small location)
  • Registering your business (if necessary)
  • Create products/service setting prices based on your skill level and market
  • Promote/advertise

*these are not in any specific order*

As you develop your hobby/skill you can adjust your market and prices. When you start to earn as much as you like, you can hire people to produce more and kick it up a notch or two.

Types of Hobbies/Talents

You can see some examples on how some women have turned their hobbies/talents into income here

Some hobbies and talents that are income worthy inclue:

  • Drawing/Painting
  • Craft (example, jewelry making)
  • Singing
  • Writing (example,Blogging)
  • Doing Makeup
  • Doing hair and nails
  • Web/graphic designing
  • Cooking
  • Crocheting

Just want to inform you that you might not always earn income from your hobby right away or at all. Don’t feel discouraged or beat yourself up. Everything takes hard work and patience. If you feel like earning income from your hobby is not working out, you can always just do it for leisure.

Thank you for reading and goodluck! 😊


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A mom and wife who love to write poetry and empower women. Working in the financial field as a licensed Life Insurance Agent and a licensing coach. Thank you for visiting our website 😊

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