Aspects of a Romantic Relationship: 2

Since our last post about relationships were based on opinions and not statistically proven, we have decided to have statistics do the work in this blog post. We recently did a survey about aspects of a romantic relationship and the ages of the individuals that participated ranged from 18 years old to 49 years old.

In this blog post we will be focusing on the majority age range which was 66.7% for ages 26 to 35. Ages 18 to 25 was 22.2%, Ages 36 to 49 was 11.1%.

The data collected shows that of the 66.7% of individuals, ages 26 to 35 years old, 57.9% of them are married, 10.5% of them are engaged and 31.6% are in a relationship.

We are focusing on this group as a whole and not based on relationship status. In a separate post we will talk about what the data showed about each relationship status.

We asked which two aspects are most important and for this age range we put together a rank based the aspects that were mentioned.
From most mentioned to least mentioned, the ranks are as Follows:

7▪︎Love/ Care for each other
6▪︎Honesty/ Transparency
2▪︎Overall compatibility
1▪︎Similar/ Same goals
Please note: ranks are only defined by the level based on how many times these aspects were mentioned. They are NOT the amount of times mentioned. Meaning rank 7 is the most times mentioned while rank 1 is the least times mentioned

In another post we will discuss how big of a deal these are to the individuals who participated in the survey.

Check out the polls below. Let us know your point of view.

Click here to read our last relationship post.


Thank you all for reading and for participating in our survey so we can bring you more content that are relatable.

Feel free to also leave a reply.


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