Aspects of a Romantic Relationship: 2

Since our last post about relationships were based on opinions and not statistically proven, we have decided to have statistics do the work in this blog post. We recently did a survey about aspects of a romantic relationship and the ages of the individuals that participated ranged from 18 years old to 49 years old.Continue reading “Aspects of a Romantic Relationship: 2”

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Aspects of a Romantic Relationship

There are so many types of relationships these days. This post will be focused on romantic relationships and some brief explanations of 11 aspects that make them healthy. Some of these things can be missing from a relationship or weaker than others and it would still work for a couple but it could put aContinue reading “Aspects of a Romantic Relationship”

Three Categories of Platforms to Advertise and Market your Talent or Business

After you discover your passion or hobby and you are comfortable with your work there are so many platforms that you can use to help you advertise and market. It doesn’t matter if you want to put your talent out there just for display or if you want to earn income. You can: Use socialContinue reading “Three Categories of Platforms to Advertise and Market your Talent or Business”

10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If I were to sit here to write all the ideas for mother’s day that comes to mind, I would be writing for a long time. These are just a few that comes to mind and are very simple. 1. Edible Arrangements Edible arrangements can be ordered and delivered or you can make your own.Continue reading “10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

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Challenges When Working from Home With a Baby

Admit it, as a mom the though of working from home has crossed your mind. Once or twice maybe? There are so many women that I have met that has thought of it, so have I. The idea of getting ready to not leave the house is such a tease. It could be such aContinue reading “Challenges When Working from Home With a Baby”

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