My Birth Story for Lucas

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My Birth Story for Lucas

The day I went into labor with Lucas was pretty interesting. It was Friday in December, a rainy day and before I went to work I was feeling a little back pain didn’t think anything serious about it. I got ready for work and decided to take a cab. I was in the cab and again my back started to hurt, the cab driver asked me if I was okay and if I wanted to go to the hospital. I told him no, that was fine. Once I got to work I kept feeling like I had to poop. But every time I went to the bathroom I couldn’t go. I guess I was at work for like 3 hours and my back pain started to get worse. Everyone kept asking me, “Are you okay?” There was another lady pregnant there also. We were a few weeks apart. She just kept telling them, “She’s fine, just having some contractions.” All I know that the contractions were getting tense and I’m like, there’s no way I’m going into labor. I still had 3 weeks to go. Pain was getting so bad I started to cry and scream. The assistant manager called the ambulance and the firefighters came first. One of the guys checked how far my contractions were and he said they were 5 minutes apart. I was literally about to have my son at work. So the ambulance came and before they took me the firefighter told my boyfriend what hospital I was going too. Thank God the hospital was less then 5 minutes away from my job. I got to the hospital and up the delivery floor. My phone kept ringing and I had no idea where it was. Apparently it was my bf calling because he didn’t remember which hospital I was going to. He called my job and they gave him the wrong one, but eventually he found the hospital. So here I am on the delivery floor in some room when I tell the nurse that I have to poop. She told me no and to relax. She was going to see how far dilated I was. When she went to check my water bag just burst. Water was everywhere. They had to rush me to the delivery room. Before I even started to push my bf made it and I was so happy because I really thought he was going to miss the birth of our second son. I wasn’t even in that delivery room for 15 minutes and at 5:08pm my second gift was born. They ended up cutting my vagina a bit so he can come out. Not only did they cut me a bit but as I was pushing him out, I also pushed out my asshole. 


He was such a chunky baby and so handsome that I didn’t care what I went through for him. When they pulled him out they had to put a tube on him because he couldn’t breathe well and his blood sugar was low. A few minutes later I called my job and told them that I gave birth. The guy that answered the phone told them all “I told you Steph was going into labor she just had the baby.” That was the second greatest gift of my life. Would I ever go through that all over again? Yes I would.


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