Gunner’s Story

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Gunner’s Story

I waited 9 months to get pregnant again after Liam was born, he had turned 1 years old as I was passing my 3rd month of pregnancy. I had an extremely easy pregnancy with baby #3, Liam was such a good baby so he made the 9 months fly by. This would be my 3rd C-section so I was able to schedule my surgery on a friday so hubby could have a 3 day weekend. My surgery went as planned with zero complications however, at the time of the surgery they were doing a shift change and no nurses were available to bring Gunner to me for almost 6 hrs, some would think that was good so i could rest but i wanted those hours for skin to skin so I was not happy that the rest of my so called birth plan was not granted. 

When Gunner was finally brought to me he would cry so much, he pretty much cried the entire time we were at the hospital which was 3 days. On our way home we still did not get any rest, Gunner would cry non stop when he was not feeding. He would only sleep for 15 minutes at a time. I knew something was wrong and no one would help me. It took me 3 pediatricians to finally get help and answers. So many people said it was acid reflux, he was lactose intolerant, infantile spasms. I knew in my heart it was none of those things, but no one would listen. What 2 week old baby laughs constantly then cries right after? I have never seen a newborn laugh. I finally found our perfect pediatrician, after several EEG’s I finally convinced her to give me a referral to a neurologist. I was so relieved, it’s december, I go to make a new patient appointment and they say “okay great, our next available appointment was in July!!! I was so hurt and disappointed, he’s a baby that hasn’t slept for months! I had felt so defeated. I cried to his doctor and never gave up. She was able to find me a new neurologist and when i told the nurse Gunners condition she said, “let me call you right back” this was a Friday, she called me back in 5 minutes and said the doctor wants to see you monday! On that monday, we went to see the doctor and while I tried to explain to him what Gunner was doing he had one of his laughing fits in front of him. The doctor said that’s not laughing, that’s a seizure. He said to take him to the ER and demand an MRI. We finally got the approval for an MRI that I had tried to get for months. The MRI showed a very large walnut size tumor in his little 3 month old brain. The doctor stated that he has been having about 300 seizures day and night with little to no sleep. 

The neurologist was not familiar with his condition and apologized that he would not be able to treat him. We would have to go to Houston,Tx and be treated at Texas Children’s hospital. Several trips to Houston, 3 brain surgeries and one near death experience, Gunner is now seizure free. 


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