My Birth Story for my Son Jamari

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My Birth Story for my Son Jamari

I always wanted a child at age 24 and I was bless to have my dream came through on August 28th 2019 when I give birth to my son Jamari.. Even though it was a safe healthy delivery the journey was horrible….
I found out I was pregnant January 3rd while I was at work…My body felt off, even though I wasn’t experiencing any morning sickness i felt weird so I bought 3 pregnancy test of different brand just to make sure i wasn’t getting a false positive or negative result… i urinated in a cup and took the first test which literally took 1 minute to show the positive result even though the box said too wait 5 minutes. I took the second test that one was also positive…still doubting I decided to wait to do the last test the next morning, that was positive too.. 
January 15th was my first ultrasounds appointment and I found out I was approximately 6 weeks pregnant at this point… everything going on in  my uterus was great, the embryo look great. The only problem I had was the fact their was cyst in the left ovary measuring to 5.4cm, corpus lateral cyst.. my doctor explained it was normal in most pregnant women so I wasn’t worried at all.

Until February 22nd. I was sleeping and I was struck with a sharp pain that knock the breathe out of me…. i was curled up in a ball crying and yelling for the pain to stop. i taught I was having a miscarriage… I was praying to god that it wasn’t… My partner and mom rushed me to the hospital and it was discovered that the pain was caused  from the cyst growing on my ovary… I was put on antibiotics and pain killers…emergency ultrasound showed that my son was safe and sound but the cyst was 2 cm bigger😳.
Their wasn’t a month that went by that I wasn’t in the hospital, most time it was days at a time hooked up on saline, antibiotics and pain meds. I was put on strict bed rest so I had to leave my job on no pay leave.I during those months I struggled with severe abdominal pains,  constipation, hemorrhoids, vomiting and  depression. I couldn’t do any exercises. 
I was praying everyday to wake up and it was my due date. I was even asking about inducing myself into labor… I wanted to be done already…I was resentful… my body felt like a  stranger to me, I felt lonely even thou I had my family caring for me… I would pray for my pregnancy to be over…
August 24th was my final checkup and ultrasound appointment leading up to my due date. To my surprise the antibiotics helped in reducing the size of the cyst 🎊🎉 to 4.3cm… I had 2 weeks  left to go so my mom decided that i need to get some walks in..27th we went on a long walk and I was perfectly fine, left no pain or cramps. Everything was great with me after the walk also…I had diner and took a bath and went to bed… 
August 28th woke up at 1:15am with what felt like cramps to me, so I went back to sleep. 1:30am woke up again with the more intense pain…woke up my mom and we started timing it to make sure it wasn’t labor pains I was feeling. By 2:30 we had established that it was indeed labor pains and  it was coming every 2 minutes and lasting abt 1 minute… At 2:56am we reach the closest clinic and a mid wife graciously examined me and I was 2 cm dilated… naturally I wanted to go home and labor for as long as possible… I wasn’t on any birth plan…I was gonna go with the flow… the mid wife however advised against it because of I was high risk. my mom went home for the bags and took me to the hospital and called my midwife and partner on the way… while they were checking me in labor room at 3:20am my midwife was examining me again and too our surprise I was at  6 cm dilated… i was moving fast.
The pain i felt was bearable.. I was keeping my breathing under control and was coping fine until she broke my water…all hell broke loose after that. The pain hit me like a big truck. I was wailing every time it hit…at this point I  wasn’t getting any breaks between contractions… by 4: 20am I was already at 9cm and was ready to push. My first push was a practice push but my son was in a hurry and was crowning. His head pop out on the second push but the midwife had to push him back slightly to remove the cord which was wrap around his neck twist. 3rd push my midwife tried to give me an episiotomy by the time she waited for me to finish my son tore me. I  got a 1 degree tear. my fourth and final big push made the rest of his body came sliding out with a gush of water. He was so beautiful. Born healthy at 5:am with a head full of hair and weight 7lb and 6oz.. with no help from  pain med or epidural.
My mom was my cheerleader during the labor and delivery…she was the first person to hold him and saw everything down their lol. 


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